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SPX perspectives and advice from a first timer….me!

#1: no one is ever in the pool. we swam so much. total ghost town. we kept telling people we had gone to the luxurious indoor pool and they kept saying “There’s a pool?”

#2: the hotel room comes equipped with a safe. it’s great for locking up your precious mountain dew, and all of the old bay seasoning flavored snacks you find all over the great state of Maryland. CRAB CURLS!

#3: set up your table early so you can then stand around awkwardly spying on other people’s tables and power napping in you uncomfortable folding chair.

#4: encourage people to bring you pineapples. and then take a photo with them!

#5-#6: in fact, just take pictures with everyone. 

#7: you will buy too much stuff. we just shipped it all home. i wish it had beaten me home. now i’m just waiting for it.

  • 19 September 2013
  • 59